Online Pavilion for the Wrong Biennale No.5

#THE_DISRUPTIVE_M.E is a online moving image  pavilion for The Wrong Biennale no5.

The selection of works was showcased at the pavilion’s website, at thewrong.tv as well as 180.thewrong.tv.
It features a selection of emerging artists who interrogate the relationship between their bodies, self-image and identities in the digital landscape. Technology and digital spaces open new possibilities of defining who we are, and who we can be.

Emerging artists, many of whom grow up with traditional narratives of gender and stereotypes, are disrupting, remaking narratives and transcending conventional boundaries through their experimentation with digital technologies, 3D and interactive softwares.

They are the digital natives who critical of the Internet and data driven world. They are to challenge socially prescribed meanings of gender, ethnicity and bodies through the inventive, subversive act of imaging, styling, self-editing and performing. Digital bodies have become their media for illustrating how our values are increasingly dictated by data, social media, artificial intelligence and the mobile network.

The pavilion invites the audience to examine the role of technology beyond mainstream contexts.

To promote a diversity of voices, artists of various cultural background are selected to showcase their work through open call and invitations. 

This project is part of the curator’s ongoing research into how technologies shape body representations. It is an experiment for forming an online community for like-minded creatives.

Some of these artists include Keiken (UK/Germany), Casey Kauffmann (US), Zongbo Jiang (China), Heesoo Kwon (South Korea/ US) and Sian Fan (UK).