#Re-fashioning the Internet 

Seminar and design workshop series 
Royal College of Art and Parsons School of Design

How have the ubiquitous Internet and media challenged fashion expressions and creativities ? How do we re-fashion Internet’s influence on us critically and creatively?

Carrie Chan (Design Trust / RCA Fellow in Design Curation 2018-19), and Marie Genevieve Cyr(Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design) explored these questions and more, in a seminar moderated by design historian Sarah Cheang.

The collaborative design workshop series took place after the seminar, inviting students from different design disciplines to express your views on the online fashion landscape through collaborative designpractices.

This critical design workshop paired fashion with talents from other design disciplinesto reflect and contest the ubiquitous Internet’s influence on fashion expressions and creativities.

Using the fashion studio as an experimental ground, the workshop fused creative disciplines to co-create alternative digital futures.

The events were part of the Design Trust / Royal College of Art Fellowship in Design Curation. 

A similar event entitled #Re[design] the Internet IRL: A Fashion Collaborative Design Workshop was held at Parsons School of Design, The New School in New York. It was part of the school’s major event Festival of the New in 2019.  

AI: 9-5

research exhibition and publication
Royal College of Art and Microsoft

AI: 9-5 is a collaborative research project between London’s Royal College of Art and Microsoft’s research unit in Cambridge. 

The project invited students from departments of fashion, digital direction and experience design to co-research and speculate on the impact of artificial intelligence on future professions using an ethnographic approach. Some of these creative research methods include cultural probes and shadowing, which allows them to reveal insights into modern attitudes to work.

As one of the tutors, Carrie directed the students in curating the content for the publication and the exhibition at Microsoft Research unit in Cambridge.