Co-Creating Hong Kong:
A Design+ exhibition series 

Chandran Gallery, San Francisco
HKCEC, Hong Kong

Through 14 design projects, “Co-creating Hong Kong” illustrates how Hong Kong’s emerging and leading creative talent applies design thinking to bring new perspectives on technology, sustainability, community. 
This refers to their co-creative efforts in the design process, as well as their collaborative synergies in carving out Hong Kong’s unique position as well as its creative collaboration with a dynamic range of cities.

Design is positioned as a co-creative methodology to create experiences and mechanisms for forging new dialogues across disciplines, between craft and technology, history and the future, local and global as well as to connect pockets of Hong Kong’s diverse community.

The exhibition, designed by SKY YUTAKA and OOJAH, first took place in San Francisco and was later toured to Hong Kong. It was commissioned by Hong Kong Design Centre and San Francisco’s Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, and supported by AIGA.

While Carrie curated the exhibition series, she also worked with SKY YUTAKA in creating a design-themed tour for the Hong Kong designers to exchange with California creative studios such as Oculus and Virtue. 

Artists include Henry Chu, FFIXXED studios, Enable Foundation, Donn Holohan / HKU architecture and so on.
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